Symposium ‘Choreography and Imagination’. Appel à communications.

Symposium ‘Choreography and Imagination’, 4 et 5 juillet 2014, Université de Cologne.

Appel à communication


Research on imagination holds a central place in the humanities. However, movement, dance, and choreography are rarely discussed in these investigations, even though dance practices can be exemplarily analyzed as a reservoir of processes of imagination. Imagination is central to the performance, transmission and choreographic structuring of movement and has a visible and immediate effect on their execution. More so, individual dance techniques and choreographic practices can be differentiated on the base of how they use and understand imagination. Thus, the investigation of dance and choreography cannot only illuminate processes of habitualization in relation to imagination – as it is central to how social, historical and aesthetic ideals are incorporated or produced – but it can also function to ponder the relationship between imagination and forms of knowing. Research on dance and imagination fosters questions about the hierarchies of the senses as it is mostly conceptualized a visual concept: but are we able to imagine – especially movement – without a physical sensation, meaning a kinesthetic perception or through proprioception? Thus, concepts of knowledge and esthetics structure the practice of imagination as much as the research on it. Thus we would like to ask by focusing on movement, dance and choreography: What hierarchies are established through a focus on certain forms of imagination?

The 6. Choreography-Symposium at the Center of Contemporary Dance likes to open an interdisciplinary exchange on this interdependent relationship of imagination and artistic and social movement structures. It will take place in cooperation with the Theater Studies Archive of the University in Cologne – and will feature both English and German papers/workshops. A publication of the papers held at the conference is planned.

We invite abstracts for papers of about 25 min. length dealing with one of the areas/questions below. Please send your abstract (English or German) with max. 2000 signs to:

by March 31, 2014.

Concept: Prof. Dr. Yvonne Hardt and Taiya Mikisch M.A. (ZZT, HfMT Köln)
In cooperation with: Prof. Dr. Peter W. Marx (Universität zu Köln)
At: Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz, HfMT Köln, Turmstr. 3-5, 50733 Köln and Theaterwissenschaftliche Sammlung Schloss Wahn, Burgallee 2, 51147 Köln


Questions/potential sections:

  • Cultural spaces of imagination in relation to movement: How have historical changes in imaginations influenced the choreographic field? How are developments in the art and the sciences interlinked in this development?
  • Which impact do the gestural material and choreographic reservoir of a given time have on the representation and production of the imagination of community and collective? Body/Movement shaping and practices of transmission: Which bodies and realities are produced in relation to which forms of imagination? How is imagination actively used in processes of transmission on movement? What are the esthetic as well as hierarchical implications of practices of imagination? And can imagination be used to reflect on them? Media and Imagination: How have the images changed in relation the development of media?
  • Economy and hierarchies of Imagination: Which economic and scientific paradigms influence imagination and their acceptance and rejection in the field of dance and choreography?
  • Imagination and Globalization: How are processes of imagination part in the construction of a globalized dance scene?


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